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Protect Your Business

Business owners have a vested interest in helping reduce crime. For the Barbados economy to thrive, we must work together to protect our livelihoods.

Protect Your Community

We know that the best way to reduce crime is to create a community where criminals fear getting caught. Crime Stoppers Barbados will help you as an individual, family or neighborhood association create an environment that sends criminals running.

Youth In Control

Crime Stoppers Barbados recognizes that the way to truly prevent, reduce and solve crime is by empowering our youth. We work to engage youth in various ways and encourage them in actively protecting their families.

Volunteer Corp

Volunteers are an integral part of any non-profit organization that delivers services to the community. In recognizing this fact, the Board of Directors of Crime Stoppers Barbados embarked on a volunteer development drive in April 2012 to enlist a cadre of committed and responsible volunteers who will be able to assist the organization in its growth and development.

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Here is what we've accomplished over the past nine years with your help.

Tips Received                                                 25,483

Cases Cleared                                                306


Charges Laid                                                  242


Arrests Made                                                 133

# of Rewards Approved                            7

Property Recovered                                  $259,499


Drugs Seized                                                 $2,236,778

Rewards Paid     $2,290

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