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Protect your Business

Business owners have a vested interest in helping reduce crime. For the Barbados economy to thrive, we must work together to protect our livelihoods. As such, Crime Stoppers Barbados Inc. is pleased to introduce the Crime Stoppers Secure (CSS) Programme. 

Through this initiative, corporations are encouraged to partner with Crime Stoppers Barbados Inc., in order to benefit from a number of services and products which are designed to make their workplaces safer and more secure environments whilst, at the same time, providing financial assistance to Crime Stoppers with the fulfilment of its mandate to help prevent and solve crime through the provision of an anonymous reporting mechanism.

Click here to download our Crime Stoppers Secure Brochure which provides further details  on the programme along with membership fees.

You can also partner with Crime Stoppers Barbados by becoming a Sponsor or by supporting our Youth in Control efforts by aligning your business with secondary schools in your community.

Protect your Community

We know that the best way to reduce crime is to create a community where
criminals fear getting caught. Crime Stoppers Barbados will help you as an
individual, family or neighborhood association create an environment that sends criminals running and through our anonymous reporting, brings them to justice.

There are several ways to get involved:


  • Search our missing persons and wanted pages; call us with any information you may have at 1-800-8477.

  • Host a safety prevention meeting in your home

  • Start a neighborhood watch programme 

  • Sponsor Crime Stoppers Barbados

  • Become a volunteer to assist with our initiatives.

  • Support our “Cool Yuh Head” and “Cool Kids” programme efforts by aligning your business with secondary schools and primary schools in your community that are participating in our anger management and conflict resolution programme.

Protect Businesses
Protect Communities
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