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Welcome to Crime Stoppers Barbados' fundraiser.

We are seeking to raise money for our community outreach and school programmes.  

To learn more about our initiatives please explore our website further.

How to pay:

Please contact Programme Director- Kristen Deukett at (246)243-5917 or e-mail:


To our sponsors and participants: 

Crime Stoppers Barbados is deeply grateful for your support and generous donations, without which we would not be able to raise funds for our much needed Youth Programmes.

As we continue to work together and contribute to organisations such as Crime Stoppers Barbados, we increase our chances of making positive change in our society.

Share Crime Stoppers Barbados' message, donate services or make financial contributions, volunteer, participate in Crime Stoppers Barbados' initiatives and help grow our community so that together we can prevent today's tantrum from becoming tomorrow's act of crime or deviance.


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