Frequently asked questions

Does Crime Stoppers actually work?

Yes. Since its start, calls to Crime Stoppers resulted in thousands of arrests and recovery of substantial amounts of property. While these statistics are impressive, the true reward comes from a committed community to fight back, protect families and defend local businesses. This improves relationships between the police, media, and citizens.

Is it really anonymous?

We will never ask you to share your name or any identifying information. Citizens of Barbados can call 1-800-8477 toll-free to give vital information to help fight against any wrongdoing of any kind. We live in a small community that is why we use several precautions to protect your identity. First, our call center is located in Toronto. There is no chance your voice will be identified, because operators are more than 2,000 miles away! Or you can choose to report online through our completely secure and anonymous Web Tip process. It is powered by the leading online tip solution provider and used by Crime Stoppers around the world. The very unique integrated two-way dialog allows you to provide information to their tip at any time, through a secure means. Questions and answers are encrypted to protect you and the information.

What happens after I give a tip?

Crime Stoppers Barbados has the full support of the Royal Barbados Police Force Commissioner Tyrone Griffith. Information is discreetly forwarded to all appropriate agencies including the Royal Barbados Police Force. After receiving the information, the operator will give you a control number that must be kept confidential. You are asked to call back within 21 days to enquire about the status of the case and to find out if you are eligible for a reward payment. You must call back in and identify yourself with your control number since we do not record any personal information.

How do I receive my reward?

To guarantee anonymity and confidentiality, you choose any branch of the appointed banks we work with to collect your reward. We provide the manager of the particular branch you select with your control number and the amount of the reward. Then you give the manager your control number—no other form of ID is required—and you are paid IN CASH. This process has worked well, as it maintains your anonymity.

How much is my reward?

A volunteer board runs crime Stoppers Barbados from a cross section of industries such as manufacturing, education, financial services, tourism services, security services and media. The board oversees the programme and determines the value of the reward based on the information presented by the police co-ordinator. Once a reward payment has been agreed upon, you call in with your control number to find out. Some rewards total as much as BB$1,000.