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Cool Kids

Cool Kids is a prevention-based anger management and conflict resolution programme for students aged 5-11. Students learn how to define anger, learn how anger affects their bodies, identify their bodies warning signals; understand their emotional triggers; label emotions and communicate these effectively; respond in proportionate ways; and develop a selection of strategies, including acting assertively and developing problem solving skills.

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Cool Yuh Head

The Crime Stoppers Barbados anger management programme in secondary schools, also known as “Cool Yuh Head” is a conflict resolution and anger management programme that has been implemented for the past five years. It has been sponsored solely by the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust since June 2011 after having received approval from the Ministry of Education at that time. However now Crime Stoppers Barbados is looking for a new sponsor(s) to help fund this important programme.

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Social Media

We will leverage the popularity and reach of social media to provide the youth of Barbados with a forum to discuss the negative issues in their environments such as crime, provide feedback and suggestions or offer solutions to address these issues and concerns. The ultimate objective of the online presence will be to create a network of young people who support efforts that make their schools and communities better, safer places. The programme will have to be appealing to youth so that they “want” to be part of this network and be properly structured and administered to ensure relevance, accuracy and positive communication.

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