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Who We Are

Crime Stoppers Barbados

In 2009, Devrol Dupigny came to Barbados and launched Crime Stoppers Barbados. It is one of many international organizations spread across the globe whose mandate is to provide a mechanism for the public to give information that they have on a crime that was committed or one which is being planned, in a confidential and anonymous manner.


Crime Stoppers Barbados is run by a civilian volunteer Board of Directors which is comprised of business persons from a variety of areas. The day-to-day functions of the organization are managed by the Programme Director. As a non-profit, charitable organization, Crime Stoppers Barbados relies on contributions from the business community and the public for funding. This funding is used for its operational, administrative and marketing expenses; and to pay rewards to tipsters. Tipsters who provide information that leads an arrest, or a seizure of drugs or guns, or recovery of stolen property are paid up to $1000 cash. For further information on how you can become a volunteer or make a donation kindly contact us at .


When you call Crime Stoppers Barbados at 1-800-8477 (TIPS), the call is routed to our call centre in Canada. The call centre is not equipped with caller ID, voicemail, or any other feature that can trace a call or identify a caller’s phone number. After you have given the information, the tele-operator will give you a Confidential Control Number. Tips can also be made via our website by utilizing the secure tip link “Submit A Tip”. When you click on the link you are redirected to a secure page where you can complete the form provided and enter the information related to your tip. Once the tip has been entered via the web portal, these tipsters will also be provided with a Confidential Control Number.  Tipsters are asked to call back the Crime Stoppers Barbados tip line or log into the web portal “Tip Follow-Up” after 30 days to find out if the information provided was useful, if it led to an arrest, or a seizure of drugs or guns, or recovery of stolen property and whether they are eligible to collect a reward payment. Tipsters must ensure they have their Confidential Control Number this number must be provided in order to follow up on tips. 



Crime Stoppers Barbados is also working in the islands secondary and primary schools. Since its inception, Crime Stoppers Barbados has benefited from the financial support of the many organisations such as Sandy Lane Charitable Trust, ICBL, Republic Bank, Atlantis Submarine and G4S just to name a few. Crime Stoppers has been operating the “Cool Yuh Head” programme, an anger management and conflict resolution programme targeted at secondary schools after having received approval from the Ministry of Education. Over the years the “Cool Yuh Head” programme has reached more than 20,000 students in secondary schools and our facilitators have also worked with summer camps, churches and done special workshops.

In October 2018, Crime Stoppers Barbados partnered with UNICEF and JADA to launch “Cool Kids” an anger management and conflict resolution programme in primary schools. It is a prevention-based program for students aged 5-11. Students learn how to cope with anger, identify how anger affects their bodies, understand their emotional triggers; label emotions and communicate these effectively; respond in proportionate ways; and develop a selection of strategies, including acting assertively and developing problem solving skills. So far, we have worked with a number of primary schools including Milton Lynch Primary, St. Ambrose, Christ Church Girls, Westbury Primary School, Wesley Hall Primary and Bay Primary.

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