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Volunteer Crime Stoppers

Volunteers are an integral part of any non-profit organization that delivers services to the community. In recognizing this fact, the Board of Directors of Crime Stoppers Barbados embarked on a volunteer development drive in April 2012 to enlist a cadre of committed and responsible volunteers who will be able to assist the organization in its growth and development. To date, the organization has attracted over 30 interested persons and will soon be training these individuals in various areas according the strengths, experience and desire.

Four volunteer committees have been established:

  • 2019 Conference Committee

  • Community Sub Committee

  • Corporate Outreach Committee

  • Youth/schools Committee

2019 Conference Committee

The role of this Committee is to assist the Executive Director and Board in the planning and logistics of the activities leading up to and during the 2013 CSI Conference.

Community Committee

The role of this Committee is to organize and participate in community events in order to create opportunities to educate the public about Crime Stoppers Barbados and to encourage persons to recognize that everyone has a part to play in the fight against crime.

Corporate Outreach Committee

The role of this Committee is to engage with the corporate community of Barbados to promote the work of the organization, create opportunities to communicate with staff in organizations and to assist the Board with fundraising activities.

Youth/schools Committee

The role of this Committee is to assist the Secretariat with the administration of all youth intervention activities.

To qualify as a volunteer complete our Volunteer Code of Conduct and our Volunteer Application and email to To learn more, please complete the form below.

Thanks for volunteering!

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