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Volunteer with us

Crime Stoppers Barbados is determined to work closely with the community in the fight against crime. 

And so, with your help, we can work together to ensure the interests of our community are heard and we can actively create the society we so desire, one that is safer for us all.  

Whether you are a student, professional, looking for a way to fulfill your hours as part of the Give Back Programme, exploring career paths or want to make a positive impact on your society- we at Crime Stoppers Barbados, would be honoured to have you join our non- profit organisation.


We rely heavily on our volunteers whose efforts are recognised for their hard work in ensuring we continue to facilitate safe and anonymous reporting of crimes and teach our youth to become more conscientious, emotionally mature and empowered.

So let us pool together our resources and skills and as a collective we can be sure to not leave anyone behind.

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