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Crime Stoppers Integrity Line

The Crime Stoppers Barbados Integrity Line, 833-534-8477, is an anonymous and confidential whistle blowing service which is highly effective in addressing issues of theft, bribery, harassment, embezzlement and other forms of wrongdoing in the workplace. The service operates independently of the traditional Crime Stoppers programme.

Crime Stoppers Barbados Integrity Line is a whistleblowing hotline that provides employees with a safe and confidential outlet to expose any potentially dishonest, illegal, fraudulent or dangerous practices that employees may be undertaking in the workplace. The wrongdoing can range from serious issues such as sexual harassment, money laundering, age, race or gender discrimination to less serious issues such as a colleague abusing sick leave, small scale theft, exploiting the
company credit card for personal use and other &"minor" issues.

Benefits of the Integrity Line

  • It is a dynamic and useful communication tool for employees who feel uncomfortable using formal communication channels, to report what they know and remain anonymous in the process.

  • It is a simple, low-cost deterrent against inappropriate workplace behavior.

  • It provides protection from negative publicity by allowing management to deal with issues internally.

  • It is a tangible demonstration to stakeholders that there is a commitment to instill and preserve a culture of honesty and integrity whilst complying with relevant codes of good corporate governance.


How the service operates

For this service, a special toll free 1-800 number has been set up to route all calls to the Crime Stoppers Call Centre in Ontario Canada. All calls made to this number will be taken by Integrity Line staff, who will upon completion of the call, forward the relevant information to the Chairman of Crime Stoppers Barbados. The Chairman of Crime Stoppers Barbados will in turn forward this information to the designated official at the organization concerned for the necessary action to be taken. It is incumbent on that official to act on the information and provide
feedback to the Chairman of Crime Stoppers Barbados as to the action taken, so that the file can be closed.


Though all calls will be taken and relayed by the Crime Stoppers Call Centre in Canada, all other administrative matters will be handled by Crime Stoppers Barbados Inc. Once a company wishes to implement the Integrity Line, the following actions will be taken:


  1. The organization and Crime Stoppers Barbados will agree to the Standard Operating Procedures and Service Level Agreements which are to be followed.

  2. The organization will provide Crime Stoppers Barbados with the name and contact information of a designated person within the organization who will be responsible for investigating all reports made, and providing feedback to the Chairman of Crime Stoppers Barbados.

  3. A memorandum of Understanding is to be signed by the organization and Crime Stoppers Barbados. This MOU will be specific to the operation of the Integrity Line.

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